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Portfolio Redesign

This catalogues the major updates to this portfolio and the projects presented within it since graduating college. 



Brand Creation

Graphic Design

Web Design

Card Sorting







2 weeks

The Process

Phase 1: Problem Identification

When I originally created my portfolio in college, its primary purpose was to show off my education and what projects I had done in classes. Since graduating, that purpose has changed, and I now need to show off my UX design work in more in depth case studies. I also decided that the color scheme needed more contrast. 


Phase 2: Card Sorting

The information architecture of my original portfolio was decided with the help of in-person closed card sorting with around ten volunteer participants. I decided to keep this main layout with the exception of making the landing page lead more clearly to other pages and have a designated section displaying my best projects. 

Phase 3: Color Palette

For my portfolio redesign, I made a grayscale color palette with a pop of yellow. I also used Canva and Krita to create design elements with this color scheme to display on the site. 


Phase 4: Prototype

I then used Figma to play around with the new design until I arrived at something that was cohesive that I liked. I connected all buttons and menu items that would lead to other pages. 


Phase 5: User Testing

With the Figma prototype, I had volunteer participants run through the design and give me feedback. I adjusted the design according to the feedback. 

Phase 6: Web Design

I then translated the design onto Wix, making this version of my portfolio.

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