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Bold Crow Studios

A writing, recording, and art studio meant to display the creative endeavors of its founder.

BCS_UI (1).png


Logo Design

Graphic Design

Web Design



Grayscale Mockup

Interactive Prototype

Brand Creation

Brand Management






1 Week

The Process

Phase 1: Logo Design


After consulting with the client for this project, I designed a series of potential logo designs for Bold Crow Studios. Each included symbolism of the crow. The first few iterations included feathers, but in the final version, shown here, I elected to use the silhouette of a crow to partially cover the text, showing visually that the crow is a bold one.

The logo only occurs in black and white and can comfortably fit in both square and circle frames. It is sleek, modern, symbolic, and well balanced. It was created using elements in the design tool Canva and uses the font Anton. The client was very happy with this design.

Phase 2: Sitemap and Wireframe

During a series of interviews with the client, it was determined that there would be five main pages to the site: Home, Music, Art, Books, and Blog. After going back and forth with the client and consulting the designs of similar sites, the following sitemap and wireframe were sketched out using the design tool Krita.


Phase 3: Grayscale Mockup

Next I used Figma to create a cleaner, grayscale mockup based on the wireframe, determining exact sizes for each section and starting to fill in some text.

BCS_UI (2).png

Phase 4: Color Palette

Next I worked with the client to develop a color palette to use on the site. We decided to use an entirely grayscale palette with one pop of color in the form of a desaturated blue color.


Phase 5: Interactive Prototype

Next I started putting more details into the Figma mockup using the color palette and a variety of assets given to me by the client or available to me on Canva’s photo database. Then I connected each of the prototype pages with a series of connection points that allowed it to be interactive in the preview.

2022-07-15 (2).png

Phase 6: Report Back to Client

After the prototype was finished, I wrote about my process and deliverables in a comprehensive report and gave it back to the client.

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