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Bearing North Lodge

A stunning rental cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in need of a website to manage its bookings.



Logo Design

Graphic Design

Web Design


User Journey Map

User Flow


Grayscale Mockup

Brand Creation

Brand Management







(In Progress)

The Process

Phase 1: Client Consultation

A series of in-person interviews with the client helped to frame the scope of this project. The client revealed that they wanted a clean, yet rustic design for their website yet have all bookings for the rental cabin happen through the external site Vrbo. They also went over all of the amenities and features of the property they wanted to include on the website as well as the potential clientele they are expecting. Through these interviews, it became clear that the main purpose of this website would be to be informative about the property, more so than an individual Vrbo listing could be.

Phase 2: Personas

Based on conversations about Bearing North's target customer groups, I made the following personas on Canva to guide the website experience design. 


Phase 3: User Flow and Journey Map


Next I illustrated the expected user flow and customer emotions while on their journey to and through the site on


Phase 4: Wireframe/Mockup

Then I made the following grayscale wireframe of a potential website design in InVision and sent it to the client for approval. They made a handful of suggestions that were incorporated into the final design. 


Phase 5: Logo Design

At Bearing North's request, I made a logo design that could be used for both their rental cabin service and their geospatial service (coming soon). To do this I used Canva and Krita to make both black and white transparent designs. The chosen designs for the rental cabin service are shown below. 


Phase 6: Color Palette

The following color palette was chosen to represent Bearing North on its website. 


Phase 7: Website Design

Using the color palette, logo, and some photos/text provided by the client, I started to translate the design on the website builder Wix. Some of these images are placeholders, as the lodge is still under construction, but will be replaced once the property is ready to rent and the website is ready to publish. Until then, this is the design. 


Phase 8: Report Back to Client

Finally, I wrote a comprehensive report of my process to give back to the client. 

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